About Firehouse ems academy

Firehouse EMS Academy is a fast paced hands on learning center created by a Paramedic, who lives and works in the Salt Lake Valley. At Firehouse EMS Academy we saw a need, not only for better EMS training, but for that training to be taught by EMS professionals who not only do the work themselves, but also have years of experience teaching these skills. At Firehouse EMS Academy our entire staff work in the Fire Service, run emergency calls, keep our training up to date, and above all else we care about what we do. We strive to provide the best outcomes for our patients and in turn we strive to provide the best education and hands-on training to you, our students. 

So what makes Firehouse EMS Academy different than other programs, besides the fact that our staff are all active Paramedics? We have a perspective that other schools don't, we get to see new EMT and AEMT students perform in the field. We have seen the short comings and have worked hard to correct it. We also live here and know that some day our students may be called on to help us or our families and we want well trained people coming to our aid as well as our communities. So we set out to provide the education we felt was needed to meet this goal. 

At Firehouse EMS Academy you will get hands on experience with the actual equipment that fire departments throughout the valley currently use. We have the same RUGGED brand stretchers, AED's, ZOLL brand cardiac monitors, STRYKER and FERNO brand stair chairs, c-collars, etc., not old out-of-date equipment. You will practice in the back of a real ambulance so that when you start running calls in your new career you will be comfortable and not feel like you are in a new, "scary" environment. You will ride along with a fire department in the Salt Lake Valley and interact with real patients on actual 911 calls so you can hone your skills and gain actual first hand experience. 

Firehouse EMS Academy is not like other EMT schools in the state, we did this on purpose. We don't want you to prepare for a test, we want you to prepare for actual patient interaction. Above all else, we want you to excel in the medical field.