Firehouse EMS Academy

Scholarship program

Firehouse EMS Academy is excited to announce that we are offering a scholarship program. We will be offering two scholarships per year to attend our EMT course. The Firehouse EMS Academy Scholarship will cover your tuition, CPR certification, one course T-shirt, a TB test, and the Heart and Lung lab.

The recipient will be responsible to pay for their books, State and NREMT test fees*.

application deadline is: 12pm december 15, 2018

To apply for the Scholarship program, simply submit a video of yourself either through Dropbox, or Google Drive=

In the video answer these questions:

  1. Why do you want to become an EMT?

2. What have you done to prepare yourself to become an EMT?

3. What do you currently do to help your community? (e.g. public service)

4. How do you plan to “pay it forward” if you should be awarded the scholarship?

5. Why should we select you over any other candidate?

application deadline is: 12pm december 15, 2018